Agriculture Trade & Processing

Right Sourcing & Offering – Moulding the offerings according to the target group & staying competitive

Transforming Agro Trade

Our agro trade business is organized to focus on three groups namely, Institutional Clients, Bulk Trading Private Organisations and thirdly Branded Retail Supply Chain Operations , each with a clear focus and benefits for our customers.

The Institutional and Bulk Trading business focusses on trading & processing opportunities in agro commodities such as Rice, Wheat, Maize, Pulses, Sugar, Coffee, Barley, Edible Oil, Creels & Pulses, Spices, processed food, frozen corn, dehydrated vegetables covering most of the food industry spectrum & Other agro related products such as Animal Feeds & Protein, Fertilizers, Seeds etc.

Our Retail Business focusses on developing the in house product line carefully selected by Tusker Berry. It constitutes products directly sourced and processed with great care bringing in the farm to fork model along with marketing rights on labels on certain special products
Our brands – “Cream of Crop” covers certain ranges of rice, wheat, pules & cereals, ready to eat and ready to cook range of products & “Kalmar” covers our range of cold pressed edible oils.

Sustainable business has always been the objective of Tusker Berry as a business house. Our strategy, our operations and how we run our businesses have always been inspired by sustainable development and chiselled our supply chain designs. By enacting sustainable objectives in collaboration with our suppliers, we aim to minimize risks and create stable, long-term business relationships with our partners.

Partner With Us

Our vision develop a gateway company with extensive network of partnerships & joint venture operations in strategic locations.

If you are able to synergise with our business, then on singularity.

“ We would like you to become our business partner ”


Global Reach

Seeded with entrepreneurial inspirations, Tusker Berry has been working successfully penetrating some of the world trading hot spots. Our vision is to set up a gateway company with wholly owned offices in the top 10 business global locations along with extensive network of partnerships & joint venture operations in other strategic locations.