Transforming Agro Distribution

Tusker Berry dynamically operates in the food industry  envisioning farm to fork model that includes farm development, grain processing , food processing , research and development , building retail supply chain and distribution, creating brand equities for the product lines and reaching out to the market the cream of quality products.

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Building A Global Presence

Connecting the best of the produces, to the most needed markets

Tusker Berry has been working successfully to build a network of offices across strategic global locations that would enable robust supply chain operations in the most needed places providing the advantage of quick commerce. Our vision is to set up a gateway company with wholly owned offices in the top 10 business global locations along with extensive network of partnerships & joint venture operations in other strategic locations.

Grain and cereal composition

Our Business

Retail Reach focusses on developing the state of the art supply chain distribution system and integrating it backword to forey some of best products across the food industry to its intended consumers worldwide.

Apart from developing in house product line carefully selected, Tusker Berry also works on taking marketing rights to good quality products and partnering in their growth.

Agro Trading focusses on supply opportunities to large buyer groups, import companies, trading companies, retail brands looking for specific supply solutions. Tusker Berry’s experience and its reach places it strategically to organise this sourcing in the industry.

Institutional Supplies focusses on sourcing, trading & processing opportunities to the ministries, government affiliates, empanelled companies etc. for their public distribution system, aid programs or any other requirements. The agro commodities focused here are Rice, Wheat, Maize, Barley & Other Food Grains, Edible Oil, Creels & Pulses, Animal Feeds & Protein, Fertilizers, Seeds.

Focus Segments

Grown with love, our products are Curated by farmers who practice safe and efficient practices that only add to the value of our produce. We help our farmers by providing them the support, training, inputs and technology, driving the process and upholding the quality. This opportunity is triggered by growing demand, change in lifestyle patterns, high nutrition, good value, export markets coupled with less land requirement and our diverse agro climatic conditions.

Food Commodities

Health, Wellness & Sports

Nutritious Processed Food


Animal Nutrition

Seeds & Tissue Culture

Crop Inputs & Fertilisers

Agricultural Tech Support Solutions

Cream of Crop

We have created a sector with top quality grains that are both nourishing and straight from farms. When it is the Cream of the Crop, it’s only the best of the best. The best quality, taste and growth makes it premium and unique, always. This is what you get with us. With state of the art seeds and nurtured produce, we ensure we grow the creme de la creme of all our crops, from across the globe, to supply to you.

So, think of the Cream of Crop and see why this is the most supreme of all the fields with us, so you can believe in our proficiency without a wavering doubt.
Once you are a part of the Cream of Crop, there is no switching from the top!

Indian Paratha Company – IPC

Indulge your cravings for scrumptious and healthy recipes in the nick of time. Indian Paratha Company introduces you to the authentic Indian Parathas in our ready to eat Indian bread range. Cook it on a Tawa or heat in an oven, relish healthy homemade parathas anytime and anywhere. Our Heat & Eat parathas are prepared in a 100% vegetarian kitchen. Enriched with freshness and aroma, IPC Heat & Eat Parathas are made without adding any artificial flavor, color, preservative, or trans fat.

Real Mix – Energy Drinks

REALMIX® is an Austrian product line which offers different beverages with delicious and convincing tastes. From the sportive-elegant REALMIX Energy Drink to the fresh REALMIX Fruit Drink, each of our product is produced with qualitative ingredients. The unique design of the REALMIX products are real eye catcher for young and old. REALMIX Energy Drink contains no synthetically produced taurine, it has no taurine at all. The soft drink consists of five natural plant extracts that are matched with caffeine to the needed energy boost for the day.

Partner With Us

Our vision develop a gateway company with extensive network of partnerships & joint venture operations in strategic locations.

If you are able to synergise with our business, then on singularity.

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Tusker Berry has been a great in supplying premium quality ethnic Indian groceries , kitchen essentials and even exotic fruits and vegetables to our United Kingdom

Importer from London


When covid hit they were able to quickly align their businesses model to serve the domestic supply chain with basic food commodities and be dynamic.

Retail Chain Stores Management


Effectively setting up a supply chain linkage connecting small scale food processing and manufacturing units lid us to shake hands with the big players effectively.

Rice Mill Owner