About Us

Leveraging The Latest Technology To Nourish The World With Healthy Food and Agro Solutions

We are changing the Agro-business market by bridging the gap between innovative ideas and executing them in real-life problems.

Tusker Berry is a leading food company integrating tech-based solutions that is focused on helping farmers. Geared with the vision to integrate a world-class forward supply chain connecting the farmers to consumers, Tusker Berry has been working on creating a global distribution system that would enable business ventures in the food and Agro sector. We leverage technology-based solutions to address Agro-business development requirements and find ways to enhance business reach. In addition, we help you meet your ever-increasing consumer demands with our wide array of food products with the help of our global forward supply chain.

Helping Businesses Create a Mark In The Agriculture Industry

We are one of the leading food and Agro-businesses in India, helping both framers and Agri-focused businesses find their place in a highly saturated market. Founded in 2014 as a business consulting entity, Tusker Berry has swiftly found its passion and drive in the Agrotech industry of the country. Today we are one of the leading exporters of several packed and ready-to-eat foods, snacks, health drinks, among other products.

As a future-forward group of people who are aiming to bridge the gap between demand and supply of organic food items, we are taking control of the process by setting up precision farms and providing Agronomy services.


When Tusker Berry was founded in 2014 as a business consulting entity, little did we know that in the next year itself, we would be transitioning to Agri consulting services to help the farmers of India in more than one way? Since 2015, we have been assisting farmers with their farms and precision Agro solutions, seed, tissue culture. By 2018, we have managed to have a strong foothold in the international market as we stepped into the trading activity of farm produce.

Today, with our incessant hard work of creating a market for ourselves, we help farmers connect with international clients. As a result, our food products are now widely used in high-class restaurants, grocery stores, and personal homes. In the coming days, we are adamant about leaving our footprints in the domestic market and the international market.

Mission & Vision

When we started our Agro-consulting services before providing precision Agro solutions, it has always been our mission to “To Build Businesses & Prosper Lives.” We are doing it by helping farmers leverage the latest technology that ensures a good harvesting season, and they receive their deserved value on their corps.

As an Agro-focused company, we have a vision of “Developing Quality Socio Impact Businesses influenced by Technology, that may contribute to the Growth of Humankind while conducting our business.” We aim to trade organic farm products of Indian farmers to some of the top countries in the world, including but not limited to Dubai, Singapore, the USA, the UK, and the Middle East.

Our core team member 

With the experience that our founders bring to the table to make Tusker Berry a successful venture, our core team is composed of some of the brightest minds coming together from different sectors helping our company to become the industry leader.

Stephen. A Founder & Director

With his years of experience in core business operations, Stephen. A is the business strategist of the company. He handles not only business operations but also the business development of Tusker Berry. In addition, he has previous experience of expanding businesses in countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, which works perfectly for Tusker Berry’s trading business aspect.

Behind the scene, working as our board members we have some of the brightest minds of multiple verticals like business veterans, retail business owners, product and brand development working together to make Tusker Berry a global sensation. All the members working in building our company to be the industry leader have years of experience under their belts, and they are offering us their skills to ensure that we address all the concerns.

Apart from our experience in our respective fields, we work together as a team, we listen to each other’s advice and make sure to implement it whenever it is necessary. With years of experience, our zeal to ensure our organic food is distributed worldwide, Tusker Berry is working tirelessly to make the impossible happen.