How Tusker Berry and Indian Paratha Company’s Collaboration is Redefining the Frozen Paratha Market

Paratha has been indisputably one of the most popular food items for lunch and dinner in the Indian subcontinent. While people often prefer to make paratha from scratch, it is nearly impossible for them to do it with the busy lifestyle everyone leads. Frozen paratha is a perfect way to make your meal even more scrumptious and healthier. Frozen paratha does not only make up for an instant meal but also makes sure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients and that it is delicious to eat.

Tusker Berry, in collaboration with Indian Paratha Company

Whether you live in or outside India, you would be happy to know that the agro-focused company Tusker Berry is now collaborating with the revolutionary Indian Paratha Company (IPC) to bring healthy and tasty pre-made parathas your table. Made from high-range, fresh ingredients, these parathas are perfect for working people who only have enough time to heat their meals. In addition, the parathas are available in a wide range of vegetarian options, supporting you in following a healthy lifestyle.

The premium frozen parathas from IPC only requires you to put the parathas on a tawa or in an oven just minutes before eating them. You can combine the parathas with any side dishes of your preference, and you will still be getting the authentic Indian taste that will keep you wanting more. IPC is committed to ensuring that every paratha you buy from them is enriched with freshness and aroma. They avoid using an artificial flavour, colour, preservatives, or even trans fat.

What makes IPC’s paratha stand out among other brands’ instant parathas?

When it comes to creating a range of ready-to-eat meals, the first thing that comes to many brands’ minds is to add preservatives or food colouring or artificial to extend the food’s lifetime. However, long-term consumption of preservatives and artificial ingredients in the food time can lead to fatal health issues. With more people focusing on consuming healthy foods these days, IPCs Heat & Eat parathas are precisely what they need on their plates.

To all their international customers, this collaboration between Tusker Berry and IPC is a beacon of hope for selecting high-quality, authentic paratha in global markets. They are providing quality products and value for the money by offering a wide range of parathas with fillings including, but not limited to, radishes, potatoes, and/or other vegetables.