Everything to know about the Collaboration between Tusker Berry and Real Mix beverage

Energy drinks have seen massive popularity among teenagers and adults in recent years and are fast becoming an alternative to coffee. One of the many reasons energy drinks are becoming popular is because it increases energy and enhances mental alertness and physical performance. Besides caffeine, energy drinks are rich in vitamin B, taurine, sucrose, glucose, and carbonated water, which wake you up and give you the energy to start your day.

Real Mix is the world’s leading premium energy drink producer based in Austria, and they specialise in producing taurine-free energy drinks. Real Mix is proud to provide all the energy drinks lovers with a healthier choice with their energy drinks that contain herbal extracts like guarana, green tea, damiana, mate, and schizandra extracts.

The collaboration between Tusker Berry and Real Mix

Tusker Berry is one of the leading brands when it comes to combining tech-based solutions to transform agro trade, and it comes as no surprise that they have teamed up with Real Mix to market and distribute the energy drinks in India. Tusker Berry is committed to providing high-quality food products to enhance the lifestyle of people residing in India. Their partnership with Real Mix will allow the people in India to enjoy premium quality energy drink that tastes far better than many other energy drinks available in the market.

After acquiring marketing and distribution rights in India, Tusker Berry is ready to import the first consignments soon, and Indian people will get to relish a drink with a soft yet intense flavour. Whether you are looking for a sportive-elegant energy drink or fruit drink, this Austrian company is famous for providing different beverages with delicious and convincing tastes.

The market for energy drinks in India and how this collaboration would pan out

Like any other country in the world, India too has a rapidly growing market for energy drinks. With the introduction of the Real Mix beverage line in the market, you can expect the market to explode in the coming years. With a market size of INR 700 core and growing at 20-25% every year, you can already see how big of a market energy drinks have in India.

With healthy ingredients in energy drinks like the ones that Real Mix uses, they will be able to cater to the market of both sports lovers and leisure drinkers.